10th Grade – Enjoy the Ride! (Word Doc)


Presenter: Bob Lenz is the director and founder of Life Promotions, Inc.

The Purpose of this Faith Legacy Series seminar goes beyond just preparing teens for responsibility associated with driving. Getting a driver’s license is a milestone for both teenagers and their parents. Parents and teens learn together how to communicate with accountability and trust, then how to clarify expectations. It all fits hand in hand in learning how to make responsible choices in other areas of life.

Time Commitment: About 2 ½ hour evening seminar.

Legacy Point One: God has a plan for your growing independence – Enjoy the ride!

  • God created us to grow in independence from our parents and dependent on Jesus.
  • God did not create us to be independent from our parents in a way that is disconnected
  • God did not create us to be independent (disconnected) from himself
  • God gave you freedom in Christ, sin is no longer your master.
  • You can’t hide from God…

Legacy Point Two: Learn/use the language of accountability and trust

  • Relationship first – Not horse before cart
  • The language of forgiveness
  • Mutual trust
  • What happens when we fail – forgiveness doesn’t automatically eliminate consequences (Romans 6) – should I continue to go on sinning so that grace may abound?

Legacy Point Three: Clarify expectations for responsible choices

  • Responsible choices, leads to trust, leads to more independence, leads to more opportunity for responsible choices, leading to more trust…
  • Relationship first, before rules.
  • Parents and teens each check items in a list, compare their checks with each other
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Grade 10 Faith Legacy

Enjoy the Ride! More Than Just a Driver’s License

This is the Blessing Object for the Grade 10 Faith Legacy Step “More Than Just a Drivers License“. The key tag is 1.75? antique gold with the front side embossed with “Enjoy the Ride”, on the reverse side is “Responsible Choices TRUST“

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