11th Grade – Keep God in Relationships (Word Doc)


The Purpose of this 11th Grade family ministry seminar is to help parents and their teens see the importance, through the metaphor of mountain climbing, of journeying together in this last and important stretch toward independence. It encourages students to keep God in their friendships, dating, and future marriage and equips parents as supporters in this venture. This is just one of our seminars in Faith Legacy Series for teens.

Presenter: Dr. Rob Rienow, Founder and Director, Visionary Family Ministries

Discipleship skill: Keeping God in your friendships, dating and future spouse.

Time Commitment: About a 2 ½ hour evening seminar

Legacy Point One: Keeping God in Your Friendships

    • Friendships begin with your siblings.
    • Friendships should always accelerate faith.
    • Invest your heart at home.

Legacy Point Two: Keeping God in Your Dating/Courtship

    • Trust God and what he has said.
    • Take warning from those who have fallen.
    • Climb together toward the same goal.

Legacy Point Three: Keeping God in Your Marriage

    • Focus on your ministry at home.
    • Prepare your character at home.
    • Trust Christ today.
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The Blessing Object for this step is a Carabiner. The parents will be giving their sons and daughters a carabiner, which is used to connect a mountain climber to his rope. This carabiner says “Climb Together” on it. The T in the word Together is actually a cross, symbolizing how important it is to keep God in the center of all our most important relationships.

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