5th Grade – God’s Plan for a Man (Word Doc)


The Father Son Retreat was designed by Kids Kount Publishing to help fathers talk to their sons about what it means to be a “Man of God.” The retreat includes time for games and large group and one-on-one discussions.

The Purpose of this retreat is to help fathers and their 5th or 6th grade sons discuss the topic of sex and what it means to be a man from the Biblical perspective.

The retreat is built around three “Bible Tells“

  1. A man of God is Courageous (David and Goliath)
  2. A man of God is Honorable (Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife)
  3. A man of God is Faithful to the end (Jesus Is Faithful)

After each “Legacy Point” dad’s will speak the following blessing over their son: I bless you to be a man of God; be courageous; be honorable; be faithful to the end.

DVD 1: Retreat Leaders

Message to Retreat Leaders

  • The Big Picture
  • Retreat Details


  • Boys often list the games as their favorite part of the retreat. They’re a great way to begin the retreat, and after the panel discussion on sex, a running game is a great way to blow off steam. Included are game suggestions and rules.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Bible Tells

  • Suggestions and instructions to help prepare leaders for the three Bible Tells and Panel Discussion on sex.

DVD 2: Orientation Meeting

  • Legacy Point One: Define What it Means to Be a Man
  • Legacy Point Two: Make the Right Connections
  • Legacy Point Three: Make It a Great Retreat

CD: Retreat Guide, Materials, and Handouts

  • Leadership Helps
  • Orientation Meeting Handouts
  • Promotional Materials
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The Blessing Object for the Father Son Retreat is an Engraved Runners “Baton”.

“How You Are Changing“

This Video is also required for the Father/Son Retreat

This DVD guides students to claim their identity in Jesus Christ. Each video presents gender-specific information specifically for boys or girls. The DVD teaches preteens about the changes they are experiencing. It also includes a parent segment that encourages adults to guide children toward a godly respectful view of sexuality.

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