8th Grade – What’s God Been Saying to You Lately? (Word Doc)


What’s God Been Saying to You?

Purpose of this 8th Grade Family Ministry Seminar: To talk to you and your teen about not only WHY it’s important to spend time with God and listen to Him, but HOW to do it in a life-changing way.

Presenter: Ryan Peterson serves as a Teaching Pastor and Strategic Leader at St. John Church in Ellisville, Missouri.

Life Skill: To develop a “Plan” to communicate daily with God through reading the Bible and Prayer.

Time Commitment: About 2 ½ hour evening seminar.

Legacy Point One – God Want to Speak to You Today

  • Our common goal: No regrets
  • God still has something very important to share with you, TODAY
  • Why reading the Word of God matters

Legacy Point Two – Be Intentional With a Plan

  • Be engaged in God”s word
  • Use different tools, but don”t make them rules
  • We honor each other because Christ honored us – Phil 2:3-8
  • Using a simple plan (

Legacy Point Three – Connect as a Family

  • Parents, time is running out!
  • Parents, embrace your season
  • Take the lead!
  • Students, will you share with your parents often?
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