Kingdom Quest 4-5-K Year 1, Summer


Summer Season – Creation, Fall, Flood, Moses, Gideon

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Creative & Fun Preschool Lessons for Ages 4-5-K

This Kingdom Quest age grouping includes 4-year-olds’ and 5-year-olds’, but also might include 6-year-olds’ who are in kindergarten. You can repeat our preschool lessons on a two-year cycle. Lessons are arranged in mini-series, most often with a theme that is emphasized for 4 or 5 weeks.

The kids gather together on Sunday for singing about 10 minutes prior to the lesson beginning. This tames anxious preschoolers and helps them ease into the morning lesson. Ages 4-5-K begins with the large group Bible event and teaching. Kids then move to their small groups where we reinforce the Bible truth through a snack, craft, and game. Lastly the kids gather one more time as a large group to review today’s lesson and teach Albie, the silly bird, the take home point of the day.

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