How can this be free?

Grace.  God gave us something extraordinary.  We must share it!

God explains it this way:  “I will make you rich enough so that you can always be generous (2Cor. 9:11).”   That’s grace.  God poured out his riches on us in Christ Jesus.  We are spiritually rich.  But there’s more.  He also made us rich by blessing us with a highly effective children’s ministry and family ministry.  That’s what we are generous with here at Kids Kount Publishing.  We are freely giving away everything that has been first given us!

It’s not a small matter.  These curriculums cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.  They were once sold at competitive market price so that a church could spend over $5000 buying everything.  Altogether it adds up to over 10,000 pages and hundreds of videos! But the more significant fact is the quality of discipleship these curriculums bring!

So here it is…FREE!

Donors made it possible.  Our operations costs are met through your donations.  There really is no obligation to donate, but it is like grace. Once we have been blessed, how can we not be gracious and give back so that others might also experience this blessing? You can donate to support this website, or you can donate to partner with a mission effort to reach marginalized children.  Any amount accepted…but no amount expected!

Grace is contagious!  Would you like to join the fun?

Find out more on our “Donate” page.