Our Story

Kids Kount Publishing began because a local church had a passion for children’s and family ministry. They wanted to raise kids in Christ by giving them high impact discipleship experiences both at church and in the home. God blessed their efforts with dramatic results. That church was King of Kings in Omaha, Nebraska. And they wanted to give these discipleship experiences to the world.

A separate corporation was set up in 2002, Glory Enterprises, that would launch Kids Kount Publishing. Children and family pastor, Roger Theimer completed his doctoral work designing creative small group learning experiences for children’s ministries. This led to authoring three curriculums utilizing staff and dozens of volunteers. Carol Mueller was key in developing children’s ministry. Mike Heinz was instrumental in developing Faith Legacy. Cheryl Theimer provided years of editing and international support. Julie Bang directed operations for many years. Jim Layman provided technical support. Liz Stauffer oversees customer support still today! Over a hundred people have contributed to this effort.

The outcome was in a 12 year span, three curriculums were written along with hundreds of training resources. Other cultures and languages adapted and translated materials. All of it was able to be delivered online! Over 10,000 pages and hundreds of videos.

This was funded as a mission arm of King of Kings. If any development costs were not met by curriculum sales, other donors generously provided what was needed.

Today God is especially blessing our efforts in Asian countries Malaysia and China.

And partner with us!  Pray for children to be raised in Christ both at church and in the home.  Help us fund our mission.   Find out more.