Training Tools

Children’s Ministry Handbooks

Volunteer Handbook

This handbook is also referred to as a Ministry Partner Handbook, another way to refer to volunteers.  It is written in Word format so you can make customized handbooks for each of your volunteers. Included is general information such as safety and security as well as skill-building topics to better equip ministry partners for specific roles.

Administrators Handbook

This handbook is helpful for staff or volunteer administrators.  It provides a variety of topics that need consideration and is easily adapted and edited for your individual church’s application.



Kingdom Quest Implementation Handbook

This useful, easy to navigate, go-to guide will help you implement, launch, and administer Kingdom Quest and Kids Church in every setting. Find out how to bring new curriculum into your church, what to do during the 8-week countdown to Opening Sunday, and how to use the curriculum most effectively!

Training Videos

Skill Builder Videos

This library of training videos focus on the various roles such as director supply coordinators, shepherd, presenter or puppeteer.  Several 5-10 minute topics are presented for each and are very practical.

Snack Sized Videos

These are short and sweet training topics only two or three minutes long. They cover a wide range of topics that volunteers would appreciate receiving once or twice a month.  When you send them the link by text or email you can also inspire them with your vision. You can invite personal response and stay connected with them on a more personal level.

Workshop Videos

These archived workshops, webcasts, and conference topics provide learning opportunities up to 30 minutes or more.  Video or podcast, they offer time to reflect in more detail on key ministry topics.

Build-It-Yourself, Sew-It-Yourself, Paint-It-Yourself

From puppet stages to Bible costumes, from wall murals to ping pong shooters, these do-it-yourself videos and instructions help you take your children’s ministry to levels of creative excellence.  It’s all done with inexpensive do-it-yourself flare.  Check out the many ways you take your children’s ministry to the next level.