Build It, Sew It, Paint It

Learn how to raise the value of your children’s ministry when you build a puppet stage, a poof cannon that shoots ping pong balls to create “hoopla”, easy paint decor for your children’s ministry area, and make easy Bible costumes.


Puppet Stages
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this. It is very easy, with simple instructions to follow on video or printed instructions. The video demonstrates the process of creating a portable puppet stage and tree house puppet stage from start to finish.

You will learn how to:

We Prize Friends Machine Video and Printed Instructions
Does your children’s ministry have “hoopla”? Hoopla encourages kids to:

  • Invite their friends to meet their best friend, Jesus.
  • Get excited about mission work.
  • Learn Biblical truth, most importantly!

Our “We Prize Friends” Videos and Printed Instructions give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your very own We Prize Friends Machine with the following attachments: The Poof Cannon, The Ponginator, The Ping Ponger Pitcher, The Crepe Paper FlameThrower, & The TP Terminator. And there’s more! Build the Rolling Launch Pad, Hula Nets and Portable Prize Displays.

  1. How to Build the Machine – Video or Printed Instructions
  2. How to Build the Launch Pad – Video or Printed Instructions
  3. How to Build Catch Nets and Prize Displays – Video or Printed Instructions
  4. How to Use the Machine in Ministry – Video
  5. Parts List for All Components


The Sew-It-Yourself Bible Costumes & Accessories videos provide step-by-step instructions for creating various costumes that are economical and versatile, ranging from shepherd to king.
The video also contains information and tips on how to bring your large group presentations to life with props and accessories, such as shields, swords, crowns, wigs, the ark of the covenant, a stone wall, light-weight rocks, and much more!

  1. Make It Yourself Bible Costumes Video – Includes simple costumes, layered costumes, long sleeve costumes and head pieces
  2. Bible Costume Accessories Video – Add accessories that are easy to make and affordable.
  3. Easy to Make Bible Lesson Props Video – Bring your lessons alive with these easy to make props
  4. Supply List for Make It Yourself Bible Props – Printed Instructions
  5. Making an Outer-Layer Coat – Printed Instructions
  6. Making a Simple Headpiece – Printed Instructions
  7. Making a Simple Bible Costume – Printed Instructions
  8. Making a Long-Sleeve Costume – Printed Instructions


Watch these instructional videos before you start:

  1. Planning and Outlining
  2. Gather Supplies Needed
  3. Painting Your Design

Kids City: Complete Set

The Kids City: Complete Set includes all of the images from the theme sets. These include colorful buildings, scenes, kids in the city, and sports.
The set includes the following:

  • 30 transparency images
  • Images in paint-by-number format
  • Colorized pictures of the images
  • Color palette
  • Scripture verses for the images to make a powerful impact
  • Written instructions

Kids Bible Village Complete Set

The Complete Set allows you to create your own kid-friendly area. Scenes, animals, buildings, and kids are easily adaptable to fit your environment and wall space. These designs can also be used as cardboard cutouts, coloring pages, wall hangings, and more. Adapt this set to your children’s ministry area using step-by-step video and printed instructions using the link above.

Each of the 34 images includes the following:

  • Transparency image
  • Colorized pictures or photos of the images
  • Color palette

Kingdom Quest Backdrops and Signs

Do It Yourself lesson backdrops can be used for several of the Kingdom Quest Grades 1-4 lesson series. Now you can print signs or banners to promote the current series for Quest 56 for tweens.

Lesson Backdrops for Grades 1-4

Lesson backdrops can be used for several of the Kingdom Quest Grades 1-4 lesson series. The images below can be made into banners and used either alone or as part of your stage.

You can also paint them on the walls of your Kidmin area. Many times simple changes like these will show the value of children’s ministry in your church.