One Dollar!?


Why is it so cheap?

First of all, let’s use the word, “inexpensive” not “cheap.” And it is a good question. “Why would a curriculum that has so many resources in each lesson only cost a dollar a lesson?” These curriculums cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.  They were once sold at competitive market price so that a church could spend over $5000 buying everything.  Altogether it adds up to over 10,000 pages and hundreds of videos! But the more significant fact is the quality of discipleship these curriculums bring! So, back to the question. “Why so inexpensive?”

We charge only a dollar a lesson because we can. Our development costs are covered. Donors and grants from people who care about quality children’s ministry help as well. We just want to cover our administrative costs and pay for consultants who can help you implement this in your setting.

We could also use the word, “Grace.” God explains it this way: “I will make you rich enough so that you can always be generous (2Cor. 9:11).”   That’s grace.  God poured out his riches on us in Christ Jesus.  We are spiritually rich.  And there’s more.  He also made us rich by blessing us with a highly effective children’s ministry and family ministry.  That’s what we are generous with here at Kids Kount Publishing.  We are freely giving away everything that has been first given us!

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