Parent & Teen Family Ministry Offer


This complete set of Grade 7 through Grade 12 DVDs of the Faith Legacy Series curriculum is for a parent & teen family ministry seminar that takes place once a year for each step. Each grade discusses an age appropriate topic that creates conversation between parents and their teens. It includes the following evening seminars:

  • Grade 7: A Teenage Home Where Everybody Wins (And Nobody Kills Each Other)
  • Grade 8: What’s God Been Saying to You Lately?
  • Grade 9: A Teenage Home Where Sex Isn’t a Dirty Word
  • Grade 10: Looking Ahead – Life After High School
  • Grade 10: Enjoy the Ride! More Than Just a Driver’s License
  • Grade 11: Keeping God in Your Relationships
  • Grade 12: Leaving Home With a Faith That Sticks


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