u-Talk i-Listen Family Communication Cards


The u-Talk i-Listen cards are used in the Grade 7 Faith Legacy Series step to open communication between parents and their children. Each box contains 150 cards separated into 5 categories. Each card has a discussion topic and verse from the following categories:

  • God Talk
  • The Good Old Days
  • What’s Your World?
  • What Would You Do If?
  • What Do You Think?
These cards are an easy way for parents and kids to have a little family talk time.  Use them as a conversation starter around the dinner table.  Pick a card from one of the topics, read & answer the question and then pull out your Bible and discuss the Bible verse printed on each card. u Talk i Listen cards facilitate family communication.

The Wise Appeal
The u-Talk i-Listen box also contains “The Wise Appeal” cards. These cards can be used when someone in authority asks you to do something that for some reason doesn’t work for you. The cards help you to approach the person in authority in an honorable way to discuss a solution.


Everybody Wins and Nobody Kills Each Other

Purpose: This Workshop helps parents and their teens establish and strengthen an atmosphere of honor and respect in their home. Family Ministry Grade 7 is the first in our Faith Legacy Series for teens.

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